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 Ranex Characters

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PostSubject: Ranex Characters   Sat Nov 12, 2011 10:11 am

Characters in Ranex Online can be built in three main types-DEX(dexterity), INT(intelligence)and the POW(power) types. DEX types usually has fast skills, low attack power and high defense, INT types has mid skills, very high accuracy, mid attack power and mid defense while POW types comes with fast skills, very high attack power but low defense.

They use swords or blades to destroy their opponents. They use slashing techniques in upper or lower strokes. DEX-type swordsman usually delivers skills that can flinch or cancel its opponent's attack. INT-type swordsman has various skills which can bolster his and his party members' defense and can also attack many targets by using one skill. POW-type swordsman are the "killers" in the party because of their awesome attack power. Usually, swordsmen are the ones who always "lures and kills" enemies for their party due to their high defense and high attack power compared to the other classes. Swordsman acts as the second most important role in a party next to shamans because they boost the party's defense by a high standard. A party cannot survive without a Swordsman. Swordsmen are more unique compared to the other three classes due to their special balance of high attack power and high defense.

Brawlers use gauntlets as their main weapon. They are masters of many kinds of martial arts. DEX-type brawlers usually uses his fists and hands to attack his enemies. INT-type brawlers uses his body parts instead of the hands which the normal brawler does. POW-type brawlers damages its enemies with its high kicks. Brawlers are like swordsmen, they are essential for their party to survive.

With the power of her bow and arrow, the Archer targets enemies from a long hunting spot. DEX-type archers gives her opponents with fast and accurate skills. INT-type archers possesses balance or mid-type moves. POW-type archers wields her bow to deliver melee moves and smash her target. Unlike the swordsman and brawler, the archer requires arrows in order to make an attack.

The Qi Gong master, the shaman is the most important character in the game, although they have the lowest defensive power. Equipped with a wand and magical powers, the Shaman can make powerful enemies vulnerable by making them paralyzed, burned or poisoned. Shamans also use spears which can deliver powerful and deadly attacks to their opponents.

The Extreme Class has the ability to use all kinds of weapon making them exceptional compared to the first four classes. They also have the ability to use skills which the first four classes do not have. A player can only unlock the Extreme class whenever he/she reached a level of 195 using any of the first four classes.

Gunner class is the latest character that is released in the game. By using guns as their main weapon, Gunners have the unique ability to debuff a player, summon powerful mobs to assist them, or even paralyze an enemy making them unable to use potions.
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Ranex Characters
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